Sake coffee is a coffee produced in Sake coffee washing station in Sake Farm.
Sake coffee washing station process sake coffee from sake coffee plantation and sake coffee from 2200 coffee farmers in Ngoma Dis-trict. Since 1999 we worked together with farmers to rehabilitate the coffee farms destroyed in 1994.
2003 we build our coffee washing station.
We produce 960 bags of green coffee 15+, each bag is 60 kg by coffee season.
Sake Farm is a 30-ha coffee farm located in Ngoma District, Eastern Province of Rwanda on the shore of Sake Lake.
Sake Farm provide work mainly to women and youth in Ngoma District, sake sector. The salary they got from the plantation and from the washing station help to improve the life and reduce poverty in rural area Ngoma District.
Now we (me and farmers and group of women ) are working on Increase quality and quantity of coffee, on produce specialty coffee for a specialty coffee market.
We are member of International women coffee Alliance.
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