Rwacof exports ltd was established in 2006 as a coffee buyer, processor and Exporter. Our traditional business model is based on building a supply chain that improves the lives of the growers and provides a steady and sustainable flow of coffee to our partners.
Today Rwacof works directly with 19000 Coffee growers around 19 Washing stations and approx. 35000 Growers around our partnering Washing Stations. Rwacof stations are fairly uniform in terms of staffing and processing with differences mainly confined to 1) types of processing lines and 2) the fermentation method used (dry or wet) which can vary depending on the availability of clean water and average temperatures
We are committed to walk with our growers at each step of the supply chain because we believe that our relationship goes beyond Coffee. Through Kahawatu Foundation, our sustainable development initiative, we invest in activities enabling smallholder coffee farmers, to increase productivity and optimize income, while enforcing a holistic approach that empowers the entire household while protecting soils, water and ecosystems.
This includes Technical capacity building on Best Agricultural Practices, Provision of healthcare, access to education, Access to Farming Equipments, crop diversification, as well as gender and youth inclusivity.

Akiba Emmanuel
Chief Operations Officer
T: +250 782 329338 | M: +250 788 308920 | Skype: akiba.emmy