Nyamurinda coffee growers Ltd is a company owned by 2 women. It has a 15 ha coffee plantation located on Nyamurinda hill in Kibirizi sector.We work with 300 farmers grouped in 30 “amatsinda” or coffeeassociations.The coffee name is related to the beautiful mountain on which the coffee plantation is located, and the mountain on which the coffee washing station is built.Our coffee brand is” Nyamurinda mountain coffee”
Nyamurinda mountain coffee (NMC) is grown in high altitude mountains of the southern province of Rwandain Nyamagabe district, Kibirizi sector on Nyamurinda hill.

NMC is harvested when it is ripeenough which gives it nice flavors like honey, floral, Chocolate,manila and complex fruits which makes it becoming excellent in quality.
Nyamurindahas natural featuresthat are favorable for the production of high commercial quality coffee,

Its excellent quality comes from:

– Itshigh altitude growing zones (from ¹1800m-2000meters)
– Enough rainfall
– Enough sunshine and
-Its fertile and volcanic soils.

The combination of these factors makesNyamurinda zone to provide the production of high quality coffee beans with exceptional cupping characteristics.
The product of its excellent specialty coffee starts from the preparation of baby trees in well prepared nursery gardens, the well maintained coffee plantations to get andfinally perfect washing processingdone inour washing station..

NMC produces Arabica coffee bourbon of high quality. This was confirmed by the results of an organoleptic test done in different coffee laboratories where it obtained a score from 85% +.

Our partner-farmers have been well trained and are now able to produce high quality cherries through the adoption of appropriate farming technics,we have well trained coffee agronomists who follow them on daily basis.

NMC have appropriate infrastructures for the treatment of produced cherries.Which has a production capacity of 150 tons per year?


– Arabica coffee variety is growing with the predominance of bourbon.
– The rainfallrange: from 900mm to 2200mm
-Flowering period:September- October
– Harvesting period: March- July
– Exportation period: All year long
– Caffeine content: 1.3%