ETS NKUBILI Alfred is incorporated as an individual company since 1997 and owned byMr NKUBILI Alfred. It is registered in Rwanda on 23rd September 1997. The enterprise registration number (code) is 100011370 with Rwanda Development Board.
Ets NKUBILI Alfred is involved in three main activities:
1. Buying and selling staple crops:
Since 1997, Maize, beans and sorghum are bought from farmers cooperatives or and from outside the country and sold to important Non Governmental organizations primary World Food Program. This is enabled by holding adequate warehouses to store the products and a required equipment to handle the crop in good conditions;Ets NKUBILI Alfred has its own driers and silos.The percentage in the total revenues for the year ended 2017is about 30.83%.
2. Coffee:
Ets NKUILI Alfred owes over the country nine coffee washing stations and a dry mill coffee factory located at Kigali, Ndera sector, Gasabo District, through which it processes coffee cherries bought from farmer’s cooperatives and export green coffee to Americans and Europeans clients since 2003. The percentage of this activity in the turnover is over 36.67% by 2017.
Coffee washing stations and their location

Name Location
Migongo Eastern Province
Rukira Eastern Province
Nzige Eastern Province
Muhura Eastern Province
Rwamiko Northern Province
Ruhango Southern Province
Mubuga Western Province
Mugonero Western Province
Nyamasheke Western Province


Weighing and Storing area

Nyandungu, Kigali City, Main collection center. Coffee dried before processing.

Muhura Coffee washing station

Coffee tree from Mugonero Coffee washing station

3. Fertilizer:
Since 2008, Ets NKUBILI Alfred is involved in agriculture extension services, agriculture inputs and fertilizer import and distribution. The company has a strong network of distribution of fertilizer over the country, and now is allowed to do exports of its blended fertilizer. By the end of 2015, Ets NKUBILI Alfred acquired a blending plant for fertilizer and a soil analysis laboratory where fertilizer is blended according to the needs of the soil and where farmers can do tests of the soil of their farms. The percentage in the total revenues for 2017 is over 30%.
As additional, Ets NKUBILI Alfred has invested in KIREHE RICE COMPANY Ltd(KRC Ltd) where it has acquired since 2013 60% of shares; the remaining shares are owned by the Rwandan government. The subsidy company is involved in rice supply chain, sale-distributing of fertilizers to farmers, buying and processing paddy in a rice mill plant located in the eastern province of Rwanda and selling rice processed on local market and regional market.
The company is run by a competent team of 86 permanent staff including senior manages and coordinators, agronomists, technicians and the remaining staff is composed of junior staff i.e warehouse keepers, security officer’s, drivers, cashiers and sellers.
Our activities are located all over provinces of the country

Mission, Vision
Participation in initiating, developing and managing a sustainable agricultural transformation in the country by collaboration with other stakeholders in the Rwandan private sector, and by abiding to the guiding principles of the government enshrined in Economic Development and Poverty Reduction Strategy.
To become leaders in farming and promotion of an agribusiness system close to farmers in the country and in the region.
Number of farmers: At least 10,000 farmers work with ENAS.