CAFERWA SARL is a Coffee exporting company which started its operation in 1995 with an objective of exporting coffee to different parts of the world. In 1998 Caferwa stopped its operations due to the coffee crisis all over the world until 2003 when it resumed its coffee export business but with different objectives of improving the quality of coffee (speciality coffee)

CAFERWA currently owns NKORA washing station in Gisenyi, which is the biggest coffee washing station in Rwanda with a capacity of producing 500 tons of parchment coffee per season and Four more washing stations in NYAMASEKE, RULINDO, NYAMAGABE, and RUTSIRO Districts.

The Five washing stations can produce up to 200 MT (metric tons) capacity of parchment coffee each in which two of them are on the long side of Lake Kivu with an altitude of over 1500m and the other located in the high altitude of Kigali.The production is therefore 500 MT from NKORA, 600 MT from the other three washing stations.

Caferwa sarl also uses its dry milling station for hulling, grading and packing coffee ready for export and has a well equipped cupping laboratory for quality testing and a big roasting machine for roasting coffee for the production of the final product which is sold to the local market.

Caferwa sarl works with 750 farmers grouped together in an association with Nkora and 250 farmers in Cyangugu and 350 in Kigali.

The company encourage coffee growers by giving them incentives in form of bonus and also supplies fertilizers and others pesticides to the farmers. Caferwa sarl plans to build dispensaries to secure the health of the citizens in different regions as well.

Caferwa coffee (in Kinyarwanda: Ikawa y’Urwanda, in French: Cafe du Rwanda, in English: Coffee of Rwanda) is a special coffee from volcanic soils produced from the shores of Lake Kivu, within an altitude of 1450-1800 m and the average rainfall of 1250mm.

This coffee is of great characteristic because of the volcanic soils, clean acidity, full body flavour, and chocolate and fruit aroma.